monday musings

I’m right in the middle of Chef’s Table season 3(Oh! this trailer is so good!). This week I watched Nancy Silverton , Osteria Mozza, (Los Angeles, CA) and Ivan Orkin, Ivan Ramen, (New York, NY).  The theme I loved the most with these two was the obsession. Pure obsession with every detail until it was right. Oh and hey!  He uses oven roasted tomatoes to achieve umami perfection in his ramen broth. With the episode and this article, I found a certain affinity to Ivan’s story. It got me thinking about this.

So, currently I teach 1st grade and have taught elementary school for the past 12 years. I’ll be making a change next year so I’m learning new things and rediscovering my hobbies. From time to time my husband passes on articles to me. He sent me an article today entitled: 30 Lessons Leonardo Da Vinci has taught me about photography, art, and life. Number 11 was an “ah-ha”.

And when I’m not cooking or teaching, I’m loving on my pets and foster pets. I’ll leave you with this sweet photo of my late Great Dane getting a little too close to the blueberry pancakes.


I miss my counter surfer!




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