Monday Musings

We have friends in town and we were all craving some spaghetti and meatballs so I made Barefoot’s recipe. So, so good.  Watch the video in the link.  Ina is so cool, so confident.

we are pretty happy about all those meatballs


Food can be a very passionate topic for some.  This article sure grabbed my attention this morning: Why your Instagram photos of food may be racist . Check out the original article here.

I really love culture sensitivity articles.  This article on “American behavior” was quite enjoyable to me.

After the Oscars last night (um…wow), we decided to watch the first episode of season 3, Chef’s Table.  Amazing.  Jeong Kwan is an absolute joy and inspiration! The part that stuck with me most was how calm it was at the monastery.  Also, the vast amounts of bowls and barrels. This morning, we were discussing our Chef’s Table view and my friend brought up a good point. One always has to consider that with the attention that Chef’s Table brings, will it also bring tourists to the calm monastery?

Alright. Ok! I do like chicken breasts sometimes. Blue Apron used to include the airline chicken breast cut.  I loved that.  Bring it back Blue Apron! I also love chicken breasts that are pounded until thin, breaded and fried. So there!